Home Studio 101: Quick thoughts by Felipe Gonzales

Felipe actually tweeted these gems to the musicians of TwtrSymphony, but they were SO good I had to share

Violin recorded with 1 mic at 1 mt, room by 2 mics. No eq, no edit no plugins.

Quick thoughts:

  • Headphones for recording?, Closed Back or In Ear type. On both cases not the cheap ones, here, more $ is better.
  • MAC, Windows or Linux OS?, it doesn't matter.If you setup the computer correctly, all of them will perform OK
  • Which Audio Interface?, one with at least 1 Mic input and headphones output, USB 2 or Firewire for faster speed.
  • An external Audio Interface will sound better than the computer built in, allowing better recordings from you.
  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is recording software in your computer. Purchased software options: ProTools, Logic, DP, Cubase.
  • More purchased DAW options: Audition, Nuendo, Vegas.
  • Some free DAW options: Audacity and Ardour.

Felipe and Garry will get checking in on Twitter throughout Thursday to answer your technical questions. Tweet #TwtrTpc to get an answer.


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