Story vs Plot

As I create the major story arcs and plot lines for our opera I have been doing alot of reading on the subjuct, and I came across this article about George Lucas that I read with interest. The writer has identified a problem with Mr. Lucas's output that I believe is shared by much opera writing. She says:
But what, exactly, is he? Visionary? Businessman? Gearhead? Showman? All those things, and probably much more. But it's time to admit it: He's not a storyteller. For all of Lucas's command of myth, symbol and sweep, the nuances of narrative still elude him.
Opera is the master arena for Myth, Symbol and Sweep, but where does story fit into it? Ms Hornaday goes on to say:
...the difference between plot and story may seem arcane, it's quite crucial: The plot is merely a sequence of events, whereas a story limns those events' deeper motivation and meaning. The plot gets characters from point A to point B; the story makes us care.
That is the crucial factor I am working hard to ensure is present in It Must Be Fate. The plot is the easy bit, rather like piecing a puzzle - A happens, then B, then C. Story however, is more complicated - how do my characters feel about A, respond to B, move through C? I am determined that my libretto will not be guilty of a Star Wars shortcoming! I am determined that I will find a way to weave Myth, Symbol and Sweep with genuine characters - real people, and a powerful story.


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