The Effects and Future of Music on Music

There seems to be thread developing on this blog (not surprising since it's a thread that exists in my life and this blog is an extension of that...) - the effects of classical music on other forms of music and the effects of those other forms on classical music.

On the 28th, I blog'd about My Classical Music Style, discussing the elements of "pop" music that is leaking into my classical writing. My good friend Shay commented on the effects of classical music in his own "Americana" style (click here for a listen). On the 18th I posted a note about the Blending of jazz and classical music by not only me but other composers as well. And today the Telegraph writes of how Folk and Classical are blending.

The basic thread is "we are a product of our roots" so let's not deny them. Schoenberg said (roughly), there is no new music that is not built on what comes before. And in our modern world where all forms of music is recorded (thus preserved), and available to download (another thread developing) there has never been a better chance to be exposed and thus influenced by a vast array of music styles. I look forward to what composers in twenty or thirty years are composing as it will undoutably but something very different and yet reminiscent of today.

I only hope that somewhere in that mix my own music can play a role of influence.


michele said…
you left a very nice comment on my blog about me being the 'proud mama'. it was a very thoughtful post, and i appreciate it very much.
i think it is fantastic that you are premiering a symphony! i am always in awe of people that can compose music, and my son (who's learning counterpoint right now) is finding out that it can be a challenge.
i was wondering if you could let me know where i can hear some of your previous compositions. my son (the cellist) loves new and contemporary music, and is always interesting in hearing new things. he has very ecclectic tastes in music (from minimalist to gregorian chants & everything in between) and i'm sure he'd be interested in hearing something brand new (that is if you don't mind of course).

again, thank you for your comment. i would be proud of my son even if he was a lousy cellist because he is a fantastic teen in a million other ways (but as a violist myself i am swayed by the music of course).

Chip said…

You can hear some of my music at
It's not the best site, but some of my music is available in mp3 format so you (or your son) can listen.

Keep being proud. I'm sure that has a great deal to do with the million other ways that he's a fantastic teen!


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