Laptop Music

There are a lot of different forms of music being made - and laptop music is a recent addition to the list. I'm not talking about writing music on the laptop to have it played back (although that's certainly a tool composers have really taken advantage of allowing new compositions to be self-published). Nor am I talking about using the computer tied to a synthesiser to generate sounds. This new form is actually making the laptop itself a musical instrument. Ok - there are a lot of different forms of music, most of which will go by the wayside as a fade, an exploration, but nothing will come of them. I think this one has real possibilities. - It's not going to replace the orchestra for many things, but it is augmenting it.


Chandra said…
Very good thought! I have never viewed that aspect of music before. And by augmenting the music can only open a door for MILLIONS of possibilities in the crative process.
Chip said…
BrahmsNotes said…
Hello Chip!

Great blog. Just wanted to let you know I did answer your questions, but it was slow--my sincerest apologies. I hope that your opera is going well! I am creating an event to help the Columbus Symphony Orchestra survive. If you care to know more, check out the following:

The blogs and websites I am working on:

I look forward to hearing more from you!

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