Moving forward

Much of this blog has been dedicated to thoughts leading up to the concert of 4 June 2008. With that behind us (and a decent holiday doing a lot of nothing to recover) it's time to move on, to look forward (not back) at the next project. Right now there is nothing specific (at least not as specific as the concert) - but there are a number of general things that this blog will be the focus of.

  • It Must Be Fate - finishing the first episode
        If you don't know what I mean by that, stay tuned for updates

  • Getting an agent
        I've spoken about this to some degree prior to the concert, but now it's time to get serious. What goes along with this is the marketing of the quartet and the symphony, so expect updates as we start the process of getting other organizations to play these works.

  • Further Education
        I have a bachelor's degree now (or will have when the grades are finalized (or at least, I hope I will have - assuming I have passed all my courses) - and so it's time to think about the next step and where that step will be.

  • Miscellaneous Projects
        like some of the films I am composing for, or other projects as they come up.

  • Comments

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