Warm Fuzzy Feelings!

This just arrived in the email:
A belated hats off to your concert on 4 June. My friend and I truly enjoyed it. We enjoyed two things most of all. The music was lively and bright, cheerful, innovative, at times, unexpected. And original. There were influences - Copland and Gershwin, I thought - but they informed, provided a foundation, and then the pieces zoomed off in their own directions. The lead singer in the opera snippet commanded the stage with her lovely voice. Inspiring harmonies there. WOULD have liked more. So hope you persevere - the evening was a treat. Best, Lisa Robbins
And YES, we persevere. Comments like this only serve to enforce our natural stubbornness and determination. Besides, I am desperate to know how the story ends, so I have to write it to find out!


Chip said…
Jayne Craig (the lead in the opera) is a real treasure. We have known her for several years and are continually amazed by her lovely voice.

While the part wasn't written specifically for her, she was definitely in mind during the writing of it.

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