Sex and Opera, oh and a story too

A new opera is coming to LA, "Lovelace: The Rock Opera" detailing the life and times of legendary adult film superstar Linda Lovelace, but the opera is much more about Linda's life and struggles than it is about her role in the iconic film that changed the film industry forever. Linda Boreman was better known by her stage name, Linda Lovelace from the 1972 porn film "Deep Throat." She later denounced the porn industry claiming she was forced by her sadistic husband.

The opera was co-written by Anna Waronker (from That Dog) and Charlotte Caffey (from The Go-Go’s), with the originally the concept of Jeffery Leonard Bowman, who also worked on the project for years before it was presented to the Hayworth Theater. Although Caffey tends to focus on writing pop music, having written the hits “We Got The Beat”, “Vacation”, and “Head Over Heels” in her Grammy nominated band The Go-Go’s and co-wrote Keith Urban’s first #1 hit, is classically educated. Together Waronker and Caffey have created a highly emotional, dramatic, and sometimes hilarious piece about the life of Linda Boreman. In the style of previous smash hit rock operas “Tommy” and “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Lovelace: A Rock Opera” goes from Linda as a pregnant teenager in Yonkers, New York, to her turbulent relationship with her husband, the making of “Deep Throat,” and through to her life as activist and suburban wife and mother.

Caffey is quoted, "The whole thing is music. Not one word is spoken. No dialogue whatsoever. Over 40 pieces of music strung together into a score. There are a lot of catchy numbers and definitely some songs that stand out that will make you cry or laugh or be fun to sing along to, even though the lyrics might be evil, and some stuff to even tap your foot to. “Hide My Soul” and ”I've Done Things I Would Never Do” are the real heartbreakers. The character of Harry Reems has an hilarious song. And Linda’s got an anthem or two." All of this in 90 minutes with 30 different locations. Where "A Burial in Thebes" (see a previous post) is a piece with minimal set, few locations and fairly static stage direction, "Lovelace: the Rock Opera" will seem to fly across the stage.

I'm not in LA this week, but I'll keep you posted on any reviews I find on the net.


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