Performing music by Eric Whitacre

If you don't know the music of Eric Whitacre you're missing out on one of the bright stars in the classical music world and probably the greatest US choral composer is history. And he's young, so there's still time for LOTS more music.

However, the point of this post to two fold: 1) Apologize for not posting much this month 2) Comment about a recent performance of Eric's music

The month of February has been beyond busy (and its not over yet). My graduate studies have taken on a whole new level of activity and so, unfortunately, my posting has suffered. I've also missed a dozen or more really great concerts in the Denver area this month. So, while I am very much enjoying the learning - the lack of getting to concerts and telling you all about them as been painful!!! March should be much better.

As for performing the choral music of Eric Whitacre... This was a real treat. I hadn't heard of him prior to coming to Denver University. I don't know whether my music instructors in Edinburgh hadn't heard of him, or whether my sincere lack of knowledge of choral music is just that deficient - regardless, the Lamont School of Music has introduced me and I'm grateful for it.

We performed several new pieces, Little Man in a Hurry, Maggie and Millie and Molly and May and Moonlight is Hiding in Her Hair along with several of his most popular compositions. The music is difficult and yet accessible. The audience very much enjoyed the performance as did the performers. His musical style enjoys rhythm and the exploration of the sound of the voice.

Even with the long hours put in for rehearsals and preparation, this was definitely an excellent experience. I highly recommend visiting Eric's Facebook page to hear some of his music. He's One to watch.


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