Dither's Invisible Dog Extravaganza! debut album on Henceforth Records

Dither Electric Guitar Quartet, New York's rising force in contemporary guitar music, announces Dither's Invisible Dog Extravaganza! in celebration of the release of their debut album on Henceforth Records. On Saturday, June 12, Dither will be joined by an eclectic community of collaborators to perform music that spans minimalism, noise, free improvisation, Celtic music, psychedelic synth-pop and the avant garde. $6 will earn you admission to the gallery, curious musical offerings throughout the evening, inexpensive drinks provided by Brooklyn Brewery, and a special reduced album price!

Highlights will include Elliott Sharp performing selections from Octal for eight-string guitarbass, a solo bagpipe performance from progressive piper Matthew Welch, a collaboration between pianist Kathleen Supové and composer/guitarist Nick Didkovsky, and the Deprivation Orchestra of NY's rendition of Eric km Clark's "Deprivation Music #1" for a large ensemble of hearing-deprived musicians! Dither will perform selections from their album, as well as the the world premiere of Eve Beglarian's "The Garden of Cyrus", Fred Frith's "Stick Figures" performed by two players on six table-top guitars, and James Tenney's rarely heard "Septet" for six guitars and electric bass.

The Invisible Dog Art Center is a beautiful new space in downtown Brooklyn. This historic building was once a manufacturing plant for invisible dogs in the 70's, and is now converted into a spacious industrial gallery. The Invisible Dog is adjacent to the Bergen F/G line, and a short walk from the 2/3/4/5/A/C/R lines.

Henceforth Records is progressive label based in San Diego, CA. It's growing roster includes projects and performances from Joan Jeanrenaud, Carla Kihlstedt, Satoko Fujii, Andrea Parkins, Jessica Constable, Lisle Ellis, George Lewis, Pamela Z, and Susie Ibarra. Henceforth's mission is to be a conduit for candor -- to bring forth the work of some of today's most vital artists whose vision expands the definitions of contemporary classical, improvised, electronic and experimental music.

Dither, a New York based electric guitar quartet, is dedicated to an eclectic mix of experimental repertoire which spans composed music, improvisation, and electronic manipulation. Formed in 2007, the quartet has performed in the United States and abroad, presenting new commissions, original compositions, multimedia works, and large guitar ensemble pieces. With sounds ranging from clean pop textures to heavily processed noise, from tight rhythmic unity to cacophonous sound mass, all of Dither's music wholeheartedly embraces the beautiful, engulfing, and often gloriously loud sound of electric guitars. The quartet’s members are Taylor Levine, David Linaburg, Joshua Lopes, and James Moore.

The Deprivation Orchestra of NYC is a collective of New York musicians, dedicated to the deprivation music of composer Eric km Clark. In Clark's work with hearing deprivation, the performers wear earplugs and cup-headphones, which playback white noise at a high volume. This makes it nearly impossible for an individual player to effectively coordinate with the ensemble or to judge his or her own sound. As the performers play from identical parts at their own internal tempo, the music begins in unison, and slowly drifts away into hypnotizing hermetic canons and driving sections of oddly flowing chaos


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