Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra receives $2 million endowment gift

The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra announced today that it has received commitment of a $2 million endowment gift from the Mabel Dorn Reeder Foundation. In recognition of this contribution, the SLSO will establish The Mabel Dorn Reeder Honorary Chair.

The Chair will be awarded based on merit for a period of five years to a musician of the SLSO who demonstrates both excellence in artistry and leadership within the Orchestra and may be granted to any tenured orchestra member including those who already occupy a named chair. There will be a one-time $10,000 stipend awarded to the recipient at the start of their five-year term as the honoree, to be utilized for professional development. The award will be celebrated every five years.

Mabel Purkerson, Mabel Dorn Reeder Foundation Trustee, said: “Mabel Reeder, my godmother, loved the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and was extremely generous to it. We at the Foundation felt that we could both further her legacy and support the wonderful music-making of the Saint Louis Symphony with an award that recognized the individual efforts of the musicians themselves. This award not only acknowledges artistic talent, but so many other things that go into being a valued member of this orchestra, which includes a commitment to the St. Louis community.”

Ned Lemkemeier, SLSO Chairman, Board of Trustees, said: “The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra continues to benefit in many significant ways from Mabel’s leadership and generosity as a patron and Trustee. The extraordinary gift of the Reeder Foundation, of which Mabel is a Trustee, demonstrates once again Mabel’s interest in, and commitment to, our Orchestra and the St. Louis Community. She is a very special friend.”

Fred Bronstein, SLSO President & Executive Director, said: “This wonderfully imaginative gift by the trustees of The Mabel D. Reeder Foundation both gives us a unique opportunity to celebrate every five years an outstanding member of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra whose artistry, leadership and musical contribution to our community has gone above and beyond, while at the same time adding to the future financial security of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra by helping build its endowment.”


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