Trisha Brown Dance Company Launches Bard SummerScape 2010 on Thursday, July 8

SummerScape 2010 Includes 21st Season of World-Renowned Bard Music Festival, “Berg and His World,” and First Staged Production in North America of Franz Schreker’s Haunting 1910 Opera, The Distant Sound (Der ferne Klang).

“Seven weeks of cultural delight.” – International Herald Tribune

The Trisha Brown Dance Company kicks off the eighth annual Bard SummerScape festival this week on Thursday, July 8 at 8 pm, with the trailblazing choreographer’s most recent piece – L’Amour au théâtre (2009), two of her legendary Rauschenberg collaborations – Foray Forêt (1990) and You can see us (1995), and a duet from her 1996 piece, Twelve Ton Rose, which is set to music by Anton Webern. This performance and the company’s three subsequent SummerScape appearances (on Friday, July 9 and Saturday, July 10, both also at 8 pm, and on Sunday, July 11 at 3 pm) form a highlight of the company’s 40th anniversary season.

As in previous years, SummerScape 2010 is keyed to the theme of the Bard Music Festival, which this year celebrates “Berg and His World.” Like the great Austrian composer, Trisha Brown is a pioneer of her art; where Berg is one of musical modernism’s founding fathers, she has long been recognized as “the innovative high priestess of postmodernist dance” (Jennifer Dunning, New York Times). Since helping to found the avant-garde Judson Dance Theater movement in the 1960s, Brown has consistently shattered perceptions of what dance can be. She was awarded a coveted MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant in 1991, becoming the first female choreographer to be so honored.


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