. Interchanging Idioms: New Music by Chip Michael

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Music by Chip Michael

A chamber concert of some of Chip's music was performed at the Newman Center in Denver on October 12th, 2010.

The pieces performed:

  • Quattro Canzoni Degli Umori – Hannah Barton, Lotti Dorkota - Violin, Erica Green – Viola, Keith Kroesen - Cello
  • A Minus – Reggie Berg - Piano
  • Trusting – Drew Rackow - Baritone, Reggie Berg - Piano
  • Vikingr Harmr - Traci Nelson, Arthur Camargo Zanin - Trumpet, Brittany Binder - French Horn, Drew Rackow – Baritone, Jameson Bratcher - Tuba

Here is the recording of that concert

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