Remembering Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Berstein was both a great composer and a great conductor. His influence in the world of music is still being felt by people who watch his Norton lectures for the first time (or the 5th which is what I'm on and still amazed by what I learn from them), or listen to recording of his performances or his music performed live by orchestras around the world. There are numerous conductors, such as Marin Alsop, who still comment on how influential he was in her career as a mentor. Personally, I feel his music is still teaching me things about where modern classical music is headed.

It's been twenty years since he passed and still he is very present in the world of music.

As a music blogger I get emails from all different sources, requesting I write about this or that, publicize this artist or promote this new album. As a graduate student I don't always have time to get to every request... but every so often one comes in that has to take a moment of my time - and should take a moment of yours.

I received an email from Elliot Tomaeno highlighting this letter on It's a beautiful letter by Alexander Bernstein speaking about his father, Leonard Bernstein.

If it's been a while since you've re-established your relationship with Leonard Bernstein I suggest you visit the website or listen to any of the hundreds of videos on YouTube, or pull out that old collection of LP's (or CD's) of his music and re-introduce yourself to one of the greatest musical minds of the twentieth century.

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Thank you Elliot for bringing this letter to my attention.


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