Brandi Carlile and the Colorado Symphony

Brandi Carlile's ethereal, melancholy ballads reflect her love for old-school country but she is definitely of today. "I get all sorts of comparisons but never to one person," she says. "It's more like, 'Sheryl Crow meets Patsy Cline,' which makes me feel good." A string of recent orchestral engagements have solidified this talented singer's reputation as one of the most exciting artists of her generation. "Its not easy to categorize Brandi Carlile's genre-straddling music, but its not hard to zero in on what makes her such a standout talent: that electrifying voice." -Philadephia Inquirer "...her swirling guitars and brushed drums are so charming, it's tempting to forget the emotions Carlile is laying bare. But then there's a song like "Dreams," the album's single, where she belts out "I have dreams" with a conviction that verges on desperation. Suddenly her pain is all too real, her songs all too beautiful to forget."-Seattle Weekly NOV 13 (SAT 7:30) BRANDI CARLILE – Contemporary Pops Series Scott O'Neil, associate conductor Brandi Carlile


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