Flute Toys: musicals toys for the discerning flautist

Flute Toys: A challenging new work for flautist Rachel Perez Tetreault

The music is just in the opening stages, but it's looking very promising. The opening movement provides lots of opportunity to showcase the talents of Ms Tetreault, including flourishes, flutter and double tonguing and leaps like only a flute can do. The theme is tender, almost childlike, but anything but simple.

The 2nd movement (not yet ready for public viewing) will be soft and cuddly, like a stuffed animal. The 3rd movement will be on the extreme side (and probably very short) indicative of a spinning top. I hope there will be 2-3 more "toys" included in this collection with a final "toy box" to round out the piece - a collection of all the themes melded together.

While I'm working on the piece as a flute and piano work, ultimately the music will be scored for orchestra. However, having both versions gives the performer options as it isn't always possible to have an orchestra on hand.

Note: I am in need of a good picture for this piece, something that invokes the playful nature of the music. Claude Bolling's album cover for his Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano comes to mind as an image that was perfect for his music.


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