Trinity Wall Street Launches New-Music Ensemble NOVUS NY at May 19 Performance of Elena Ruehr’s Complete Works for Chorus and Orchestra

Trinity Wall Street launches its new-music ensemble NOVUS NY on May 19. The newly formed group joins the Trinity Choir in an evening concert showcasing the complete works for chorus and orchestra of Boston-based composer Elena Ruehr, conducted by Julian Wachner, Trinity Wall Street’s director of music and the arts. The program includes Ruehr's cantata based on American poet Louise Glück’s Averno, which Wachner premiered with the Washington Chorus in early April. Ruehr, born in 1963 and raised in rural Michigan, has been declared "a composer to watch" by Opera News; her music is written "with heart and a forceful sense of character and expression," according to the Washington Post. Gramophone magazine called her music "unspeakably gorgeous." Earlier in the day, at 1 pm, there will be a free preview concert.

Wachner, a longtime friend and colleague of Ruehr's, will also lead Trinity performances of Ruehr's Cricket, Spider, Bee (on texts by Emily Dickinson) and Gospel Cha-Cha (text by Langston Hughes). The soloists on the program include baritone Stephen Salters, a close Ruehr collaborator, and soprano Marguerite Krull.


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