Happy New Year 2012

It's a new year...

At least according to the Gregorian Calendar. This is the time when people promise (resolve) to do things differently this year than they've done before. It's a time when there is a renewed sense of promise, a hope for what can be. Perhaps this sentiment goes back to pre-historical times when humans realized the days were getting longer and the "gods" weren't going to keep man in perpetual darkness. So, with the hope of Spring, new life, more sun and a brighter future, humans resolved to be better themselves.

It is also a time of reflection. We look back at the previous year and count our blessings, focusing on our accomplishments. This isn't necessarily hubris, but an honest attempt at realizing life isn't as bad as we sometimes make it out to be.

So, in spirit of the new year:

I resolve to connect more with musicians in 2012.

This blog is nearly 4 years old with a solid readership. But it could be more.
I am interested in getting to Know musicians, so, I'd like to start doing musician profiles.
If you're a musician, or an agent for a musician, talk to me. Let's post an article about what you do as a musician.

Last year I posted 720 posts on this blog

That's up from 576 in 2010, but down from 852 in 2009.
It's a good number though, about 2 per day, which is what I'd like to maintain.

Last year I started tweeting in earnest in late June 2011.

I have tweeted +7,800 times
and have a klout rating of 51.

I resolve to double the number of tweets. If my followers grow, great, but that won't be a focus for 2012, neither will my klout score.

but it's not enough to just tweet more
I'd like to tweet real content, real discussions
If you're a musician, or an agent, let's tweet... I'd like to get to know you and find twitter is a great way to do just that!

Last year I composed:

1st Movement of a Piano Concerto
1st Movement of a String Quartet - Genus Cumulonimbus
An Orchestral Dance - Dança apaixonado
A series of Flute Toys
An Impromptu
a Christmas Carol - Hush! Hush, a cry is heard
An Orchestral soundscape - Chasing Dark Matter Galaxies
An Orchestral Suite - Insecta
and numerous other shorter works... 2011 was a good year, but there are things left incomplete.

I resolve to

finish the Piano Concerto
finish the string quartet
finish the Orchestral Dances
write at least one new orchestral work each month

I don't think anything I've resolved to do for 2012 is out of reach. The point is to create a series of goals that I can obtain, to set my sights on things I can accomplish.

I'd love to hear from you... what did you achieve last year and what are your shooting for in 2012.


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