@TWTRSYMPHONY - An Online Orchestra helps Mother Musician Stay Home with Sick Child


by Anna Rose
Too often, the demands of a professional music career are at odds with the demands placed on us by our families. I am used to juggling my time between my music and my children. All four of my children were due to be born on holidays—Nathan (New Year’s) just returned from an international tour with his rock band and is now working on a third solo project of his own compositions. Jessica (Saint Patrick’s Day) joined the Musician’s Union as a harpist when she was age 16 making her the youngest member. James (Easter) studies voice with Norm Boaz and piano, and creates beautiful origami, and Mark (Valentines Day) is an artist working on his third book of artwork.

Mark, age 7, is our miracle baby. He started life in the NICU, and has trips back to the hospital. Sometimes when other children are at play dates, birthday parties and at the park Mark is at home recuperating. Because of this, Mark has spent much of his life reading books and drawing, which he just loves to do. One of Mark’s books “Imagination Machine” was recently chosen to be set as a play by a group of traveling actors and performed before the whole school during their tour. You can download Mark's books, "Skeleton Pirates" and “Monsters and Sharkshere.

I am proud of my kids, and jealous to guard my time with them. That is a big reason why, as a professional violinist, I am excited to be playing with the @TwtrSymphony - an orchestra that owes its creation to conversations on the social networking site Twitter.

The driving idea behind @TwtrSymphony is for musicians living in all different parts of the world, from Germany, Britain, the United States and Austrailia to get a chance to make music together. Each musician is responsible for recording their individual parts of music and sending them to the maestro, who then compiles them to create a Symphony Orchestra recording. The music is written by 21st Century composer Chip Michael (pictured). His music is known for unique and unusual rhythms which creates a very distinctive orchestral sound.

I find this quite an interesting project to be involved with because I can be home with my sick child by my side and still show up for work at the “recording studio” (I record from my home studio). I can be an active mother and still play in the Symphony - it is the best of both worlds.

Watch Mark’s Play from "Skeleton Pirates"

About the writer, Violinist Anna Rose: Rock and Classical Albums available on iTunes and Rinaldistrings.net. Played for more than 75 celebrities including Presidents of the United States, Josh Groban, Mannheim Steamroller, American Idol Clay Aiken, America's Got Talent winner Jackie Evancho, appeared in People Magazine and played on the soundtrack for Oscar Winning Movie Usual Suspects. @Rinaldistrings


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