Colorado Symphony Board of Trustees Elects Six New Members

The Colorado Symphony Board of Trustees has announced the election of three new members to the board: Mr. B.J. Dyer, Dr. Christopher Ott, and Ms. Ginger White. They join two other recently-elected members Ms. Sandy Elliott, community volunteer, and Mr. Richard Kylberg, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Arrow Electronics. Ms. Linda Rickard also joins the board representing the Colorado Symphony Guild.

“We are thrilled to have Mr. Dyer, Ms. White, Dr. Ott, Ms. Elliott, Ms. Rickard and Mr. Kylberg join our organization,” said Mr. Gene Sobczak, President and CEO of the Colorado Symphony. “Their diverse areas of expertise and fresh business strategies – combined with their enthusiasm and passion for the performing arts community in Denver – will help guide the Colorado Symphony’s cultural and financial success as we launch innovative collaborations and strengthen our community ties.”

“The Colorado Symphony Board of Trustees is actively involved in building and growing the organization with a clear focus on the future, and we are very pleased to welcome these talented individuals to our board,” said Jerome H. Kern, Co-Chair of the Colorado Symphony Board of Trustees and President of Kern Consulting, LLC. “Their active support and guidance will help the Colorado Symphony maintain its high artistic standards and achieve its goals.”


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