Where to hold a premier?

When and where do you premier a symphony, particularly if this is a first symphony? James MacMillan recently gave the UK Premier of his 3rd Symphony in Glasgow, but he's based on the West Coast of Scotland and Glasgow is a big town. The World Premier was done in Japan. From what I can tell John Corigliano Premiered his 1st Symphony with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra - but that could just be the World Premier Recording of it. His Symphony No 2 was done in 2001 by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, but they commissioned it.

There are 23 on the Wikipedia list of composers who have composed a symphony since 1953. Oddly enough neither of the above are in that list. Of the many remarkable names on the list (and many others I'd not heard of before) Jay Greenberg seems to stand out. Born in 1991, he has composed 5 symphonies. Most of the rest of the composers have written only one or two (but I can hardly say anything as I've just finished my first).

While putting out posters for the concert someone queried whether someone has every premiered a symphony in Edinburgh - and truthfully, I haven't been able to find any information about it. So... this could be a first for Edinburgh and not just for me.


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