More Bones to pick in San Francisco

It's getting lots of press, and that's a good thing. But this means it's sold out, which I'd like to say is a good thing except that I can't get tickets!!! Well, I could get a random seat here or there, but since I'd prefer to sit with my wife it looks as though we may have to call the box off on the day and pray there are late returns. *sigh*

But this post isn't just about my attempt to get tickets too late. On the San Francisco Sentinel, the blog about arts in San Fran, Se├ín Martinfield raves about how wonderful the opera is, "Last Saturday night at the War Memorial Opera House, following a two hour and forty minute multi-zoned pursuit, THE BONESETTER’S DAUGHTER was cited for slamming the world of opera into a brand new era. With music of the spheres by STEWART WALLACE and a multi-faceted libretto by author AMY TAN"

more photos by Terrence McCarthy

Richard Bammer, of The Reporter (Vacaville California paper), also speaks highly of it, "Wallace's new opus, a solid -- and somewhat surprising -- contribution to an ever-evolving 400-year-old art form."


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