Never enough time

The holiday is almost over and I didn't make it to San Francisco to see any of the opera offerings. *sigh* The one I wanted to see the most, "The Bonesetter's Daughter, was sold out on the only night I could make it. We tried to free up a night to see the Verdi, but schedules just didn't allow.

I was going to work on the Violin Concerto this trip as well and other than a few hours on the flight over this didn't happen either. What I did get to do was talk to a number of people about current and potential future music projects, so I guess I did get some networking in. This wasn't really on my agenda, but I suppose, if I'm gonna be serious about working in the industry it sort of always needs to be.

Anyway, I'm preparing for the 14 flight home and should be back to regular posting in a couple of days. Sorry for the lack of recently - but I have been on holiday - and, as you can see by the picture, I was pre-occupied.


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