Working in the Music Industry

There is an interview in The Guardian with Bryn Terfel, an amazing opera baritone from Wales. In it he makes some interesting points about the life of an artist, particularly one at his level of international fame. Several times he remarks on missing his family, or trading time with them for time on the road. He missed the birth of his first two children and feels the worst comment said about him was when he cancelled a performance to be with his son after an accident.

Obviously family is important to Bryn. Hilary Hahn doesn't have a family (that I'm aware of) but she remarks about the difficulties of being on the road, away from home and friends. Willie Nelson sang about getting "On the Road Again" and certainly there is a love of the life of performing too. Bryn says the positives well outweigh the negatives. But they are still there.

Photograph: Eamonn McCabe

I guess I'm feeling fortunate. Should life turn for me and I end up achieving anything remotely close to the success of Bryn, Hilary or Willie, I have already raised my kids and my wife (life partner/soul mate/co-worker) is willing (and able) to galavant about the world with me. So, I guess all I need to do now is become successful. ;-)


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