Previous Van Cliburn Winners take the Stage in Dallas

The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition is still two months away, but Dallas is already gearing up for the contest with a performance by some of the previous winners last night. The concert was entitled "Gold Fingers."

As reported by Scott Cantrell of The Dallas Morning News:

The players, in various pairs and sometimes all four together, were Olga Kern and Stanislav Ioudenitch (who both took gold medals in 2001), Jon Nakamatsu (1997) and José Feghali (1985). With two big Steinways nestled cheek to tail, there was plenty of musical personality as well as flashy fingerwork.

As Mr Cantrell's article continues it seems the evening was filled with fun and some fabulous piano playing (and several really remarkable gowns). Let's hope they decide to tour the show.


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