First Annual New Music Bake Sale and Concert in Brooklyn

Performances by So Percussion, Lisa Moore & Martin Bresnick, Lukas Ligeti, Newspeak, ACME, JACK Quartet, Dither, loadbang ensemble, & Ensemble de Sade

On Friday, April 17, 2009 from 7 pm to midnight, the First Annual New Music Bake Sale, presented by Newspeak and Ensemble de Sade, will take over the First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn Heights (124 Henry Street at Clark Street). This delicious event is a fundraiser and showcase for music organizations of all kinds, with each group supplying and staffing their own table of bountiful baked goods, CDs, buttons, T-shirts, bags, stickers, silent auction items, and other exclusive merchandise.

The evening will feature musical performances by So Percussion, Lisa Moore and Martin Bresnick, Lukas Ligeti, Newspeak, ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble), JACK Quartet, Dither, loadbang ensemble, and Ensemble de Sade. Other organizations participating in the Bake Sale but not performing include New Amsterdam Records, AME (American Modern Ensemble), TRANSIT, Talea Ensemble, Wet Ink, Hotel St. George Press, MATA Festival, and more.

This event is intended not only to raise funds, but to build community and camaraderie within the diverse New York new music culture, and is run by a committee of composers and performers from Newspeak and Ensemble de Sade.

Co-organizer Mellissa Hughes explains, “The New Music Bake Sale takes its inspiration from the days when every Rice Krispie treat sold in the high school cafeteria brought you one step closer to those über sexy marching band uniforms. We also recognize that in times like the present, profits are measured not only in monetary terms, but in the continual building of community. That is the spirit in which we seek to bring together what is an incredibly diverse new music culture in this city – from classical chamber ensemble to rock band.”

The New Music Bake Sale will include (in addition to plenty of revelry, plus a “New Music Purity Test” administered by Ensemble de Sade) the US premiere of Jeff Myers’ dopamine by the JACK Quartet; the world premieres of a new work by Alex Temple and Matt Marks’ The Exaltation of Grace Budd performed by Ensemble de Sade; So Percussion in selections from their ongoing project City Music, an exploration of urban environments and sonic meditations; selections from Kurt Schwitters’ Ur Sonate featuring Lisa Moore and Martin Bresnick; the world premieres of Dmitri Tymoczko’s Let The Bodies Hit The Floor and William Brittelle’s Pegasis in Alcatraz performed by Newspeak; loadbang ensemble in David Lang’s Waitin’ for My Man and works by John Cage; Dither in Lainie Fefferman’s Tongue of Thorns, Jascha Narveson’s Vectors, and Mark Stewart’s Speedy Feety; and ACME in the New York premiere of Caleb Burhans’ Trio.


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