Lambarena: Bach to Africa - downloads availble from Virgin Classics

J.S. Bach & traditional, arrangments by Hughes de Courson and Pierre Akendengué

Lambarena: Bach to Africa is the very first concept album released by Hughes de Courson. Issued originally by Sony, and now available for the first time on Virgin Classics, the recording exemplifies the composer’s unique fusion of classical European music with traditional music from around the world.

Intended as an homage to the great Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), Lambarena: Bach to Africa fuses the music of J.S. Bach with the native harmonies and rhythms of Africa . The end result is a fascinating fabric of sound, woven together from Gabonese chant voices and the classical melodies of Bach, permeated throughout by the underlying rhythms of the African forest.


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