Hilary Hahn in Hunt for Grammy with upcoming release of Bach's compositions for Violin and Voice

Bach - Violin and Voice to be released January 4, 2010 with Hilary Hahn • Christine Schäfer • Matthias Goerne

Grammy® award winning violinist Hilary Hahn releases a stunning album of Bach’s compositions for voice and violin. The works chosen, all from Bach’s Leipzig years and dating from around 1724 to 1739, are part of the composer’s core output. The cantatas form a central part of his canon, and his mastery of integrating instrumental and vocal writing created some of the most moving and haunting works imaginable. This is Hahn’s second Bach album on Deutsche Grammophon and her first to collaborate with vocalists. She is joined by Christine Schäfer and Matthias Goerne throughout the recording.

“That this project has come to fulfillment – and with such superb colleagues – is for me a dream come true. These magnificent pieces go to the heart of Bach’s artistry as a composer of polyphony: multiple voices, at once clean and complex, presenting layer beneath layer for discovery. No matter how many times I play this music, I am always surprised to find in it new intricacies, new touches of beauty. I hope the same proves true for all who hear this album.” – Hilary Hahn


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