TwtrSymphony Audition Music, what makes it tick

The Music of Chip Michael is different than a lot of other composers with an infusion of odd rhythms, even breaking standard rhythms in non-standard ways.

The pieces below are some of the audition pieces that have gone out to the musicians of TwtrSymphony. The mp3's are not the actual click tracks as they don't include the "click" and therefore don't have the two measures of rest before the music begins. The instrument playing is a midi realization of the music, and corresponds to the pdf's in the tabs below. Look through the music and you'll find what I'm asking them to play captures the essence of each instrument, is different from what the other instruments have to play and is very different from what standard orchestras ask their musicians to play during auditions.

If you're a musician and this music sparks your interest, follow TwtrSymphony on Twitter, then drop a note introducing yourself so I can send you the actual click track (and you can start practicing). Deadlines for these instruments have already been set, so if you are just getting interested now, you're already behind the game.



French Horn




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