Promethea - a short opera with words by Eddie Louise, music by Chip Michael

Done for the Mini Operas project by English National Opera

Synopsis: Humanity lies sleeping as The Sweeper of Dreams enters making his daily rounds to clear away the night’s imaginings. The Sweeper is very thorough and leaves no tatters or smattering of dreams to pollute the waking lives of the humans. He is good at his job but does not enjoy it and has perhaps become a bit careless. One of the dreamers, Promethea, is still deeply involved in her dream of flying and freedom. The Sweeper’s actions rip the dream from her and she plunges towards consciousness screaming. Clinging to the memory of her dream, Promethea argues with the Sweeper. When he remains adamant, she steals back her dream, in the process damaging his broom. No longer will he be able to efficiently remove all of humanity’s dreams. The residue of both dreams and nightmares linger to haunt the waking hours.

Promethea by Chip Michael

Featuring the voices of:
Theodore Sipes - The Sweeper
Megan Ihnen - Promethea
Cassidy Smith, Eddie Louise, Chip Michael - Dreamers chorus

Read the full libretto here.


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