Waiting for the final mixdown for TwtrSymphony: Feeling like an expectant father

I wouldn't call myself a control freak, but I think maybe everyone who knows me probably would

Garry Boyle has been working on the first track of my Symphony No. 2 Birds of a Feather due out Friday, July 6th. While we've been in communication about a number of aspects for the recording, he's in Edinburgh (Scotland) and I'm in Southern California. He's also been extremely busy with paying gigs so communications have been kept to a minimum. I've been pacing the floor a lot. It's 6am on Wednesday the 4th of July, a holiday in the US, so I should be nicely tucked in my bed enjoying extra time with my wife --and yet, here I am typing on my blog, feeling utterly useless.

There are plenty of things for me to be doing.

I need to get images from the score for the videos coming out.
I need to finish the score for Promethea a project for miniOperas
There are several other composition projects that need attention
I have a webpage to provide the initial design concepts for
My day job has moved me from 30hrs a week to 40hrs a week (so I have even less time)
and the pool calls to me constantly when I'm home....
   Ok, that last one is just silly, but still....

Why am I beginning to think I may be a control freak? Because I have ideas in my head, plans of how and when things should be implemented and when I have no ability to actually affect the final outcome I FREAK OUT!

breathe... in.... out.... in.... out... ommmmm.... --it's not working

My sincere apologies to everyone I have ever worked with on a project. No wonder people have felt (feel) I am insane. To add another dimension of difficulty to my control freak nature, communication isn't my strong suit. Nearly every blog post I write has to be edited by my wife Eddie as I'm overtly fond of passive sentences and my grammar and spelling is horrible. My boss is attempting to work with me to improve my proof-reading skills (good luck!) as I currently fail miserably at it. Even my children chuckle at the occasional texts and emails they get from me as often sentences are completely unintelligible due to predicta-text (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). So, for all those poor people who've had to work with me, allowed me to lead them on some wild-hair project and had to put up with my inability to concisely get ideas out of my head and into some intelligent form AND with my over-active need to plan every detail...
   --my sincere apology.

For those of you who have worked with me on more than one project...
   --are you nuts?

To my family...
   --you are (or should be) in line for Sainthood.

To everyone in TwtrSymphony...
   --I am surprised and extremely gratified you haven't run for the hills yet. The project is coming along nicely. Garry is extremely competent and I have complete confidence in his ability. Everyone has done an amazing job adapting to the needs of the project. As I said yesterday, this has been a learning project; we are attempting something that is really quite grand in the scheme of things. I need to let go ... and let it just happen.


Anonymous said…
You need a Michael's Boson to hold it all together. I'll organize the search. Now then, where did I put my collider...

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