TwtrSymphony's Tremulando Dança to be available for download Monday, October 15th

Pre-release copies are available NOW for FANS ONLY

Monday, October 15th, TwtrSymphony will release the long awaited 3rd movement of Symphony No. 2 Birds of a Feather, "Tremulando Dança." This piece, which some of our musicians called, "the most difficult, yet rewarding music" is finally out of the studio and ready for the public.

Sound Engineers Garry Boyle and Felipe Gonzalez have been working on this track now for nearly two months. When you hear the complexity of the voicing, the interweaving rhythms and the intricate interplay of the various melodies you'll understand their struggle. Complicating their efforts is the fact that none of the musicians recorded their parts in the same room. The whole concept of TwtrSymphony is connecting musicians from around the world. So, "Tremulando Dança" is a piece comprised of recordings from all over, brought together in the studios of Garry (in Edinburgh Scotland) and Felipe (in Concón, Chile) to create the end product.

The challenge for TwtrSymphony musicians and engineers is to keep the sense of live performance in the music. When sixty-plus musicians are recording their parts individually, without the benefit of hearing what other musicians have done, the result is sixty-plus interpretations to how each note should be played. Through gentle massaging of the recorded tracks, the engineers have pulled together their best work yet.

Sarah Richardson created a video for "Tremulando Dança" which will also launch on Monday. People will be able to stream the music live from TwtrSymphony's website, download the music or play the video on YouTube. The previous track "Birds of Paradise," released in August, reached over 1000 views in just ten days. If this is any indication of TwtrSymphony's growing popularity, "Tremulando Dança" should be even more popular as the rumba-like dance rhythms of the piece are infectious.

Fans of the TwtrSymphony website have a special bonus: right now, downloads for FANS ONLY are FREE. For a limited time, the 1st two movements are being made available for fans, but will be removed from availability next week when Tremulando is available to the public.

TwtrSymphony, conceived by Chip Michael in March 2012, has steadily gained in popularity, reaching over 1400 twitter followers. While no one on the project is paid for their efforts, the quality of their output is getting recognition from newspapers and bloggers around the world with articles appearing in the traditional press as well as online editions.

The first piece Symphony No. 2 Birds of a Feather, written by Chip Michael specifically for the musicians of TwtrSymphony gets to the very core of what it is to be a symphony. Written in four movements, each movement is less than 140 seconds (2 mins, 20 seconds) long, keeping with the premise of TwtrSymphony — to distill the essence of music. Each movement keeps with the tradition of past great composers of symphonies, the first movement in Sonata Allegro form, the second is a slow, introspective work, the third is a scherzo and the fourth (yet to be released) is a theme and variations. Not only does the music capture the essence of what it is to be a symphony, Chip Michael also feels it is important for every part to be fun and relevant to the music. "For a project designed to bring together musicians from around the world, it is important each musician feel integral to the project and not just play a couple notes here and there or just provide a steady beat," said composer Chip Michael.


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