Music is an experience, that goes beyond the music

TwtrSymphony wants to bring Classical Music back into the forefront of our musical experience.

The other night I was at a hockey game. It was amazing how much a part of the whole experience of the game was the music that played during the breaks. The music was what got the crowd roaring and excited for the event, the music was what peaked emotions during the game and the music was what encouraged the chanting for the victory. Sometimes the music was hard pounding rock, sometimes it was elements of film scores with the sweeping strings driving people to a frenzy. The audience was experiencing music and responding to the music physically. Classical music has this power and (IMHO) more ability to achieve this than any other music form due to its rich complexities and possibilities.

Disneyland has a show, "The World of Color" which features a light and water fountain show set to music from Disney movies. The most enthusiastic moment in the show is when the music of "Pirates of the Caribbean" plays. Like with the hockey game, it's sweeping orchestra music that really digs deep into our emotional centers and stirs us to respond. It's not the film; it's the music that makes people respond. Yes, there are other elements in the performance - but without the music the performance would be pale, lame and uneventful. Disney understands the power of music.

Our Kickstarter is all about bringing classical music back into the forefront of our music world. We want to not only produce a CD of new music, we want to share our music via social media driving it into new arena, introducing new people to the power of exciting, visceral music. Become part of the new way of classical music. Support our quest!

Believe in the power of music


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