TwtrSymphony is One Year Old - Thanks to the following people and organizations

There are SO many people who have helped us this first year.
Here is a short list of those who have made it all possible

TwtrSymphony Musicians
Alexis Del Palazzo, Nikki Warrington, Catherine Coulter-Young, Bobbi Blood, Macy McClain, Lish Lindsey, Jonathan Hunt, Ronnal Ford, Peter Cigleris, Michael Ormond, Scott Harris, Adam Lusk, Garrett McQueen, Stephanie Unverricht, Keri Degg, Rachael Forsyth, William Bard, Tracy Bass, Robert Perlick-Molinari, Aileen Douthwaite, Laurel Roseborrough, Jessica Mullen, Ettore Rivarola, Timothy Breckon, Jeff Freeman, Paul Emmett, Blaine Cunningham, Dave Hutchings, Steve Flory, Shana Norton, Erica Sipes, Craig Stratton, Manoela Wunder, Zane Merritt, Susanne Hehenberger, Anna Rose, Bonnie Gartley, Sarah Richardson, Christian Chinchilla, Elyssa Gilmar, Alison Wrenn, Janet Horvath, Natalie Spehar, Matt Erion, Alvaro Rosso, Stephen Kreuger, Jodi Bortz, Janet Bordeaux, Joss Campbell, Kim Hickey, Andrea Myers, Carla Rees, Anna Promo, Eero Saunamäki, Diljeet Bhachu, Bethani Godin, Miguel García Echeverri, Jeremy Moore, Enya and Cara Widdicombe, Andrew Roseborrough, Alexandra Honigsberg, Ruth Spargo, Glenn James, Michael Scheimer, Corinne Ramey, Siri Smedvig, Michael Hitchcock, Mark Carroll, Mikko Ivars, Melinda Gourlay, Emily Wright, Becky Reiley, Anthony Kershaw, Kyle Owen, Monika Durbin, David Vining, Enrique Reynolds, Marion Harrington, Stuart Estell, Lisa Bartholow, Celine Saout, Stephen P Brown, Michael Gillilan, Molly Hollingsworth, Olivia Ester, Rodolfo Lima, David James, Kirsten Eyerman, William L. Miller, Susannah Hunt, Antonio Lopezrios, Dave Oxley, Michael Golden, Brendan Ball, Jason Price, Marion Maldonado, Edwin Huizinga, Tammy Evans Yonce, Caitlin Rowley, Donna Gross Javel, Andy Lee, Sandra Mogensen, David Thorp, Caroline McCaskey, Christine B. Hansen, Ruth Spargo, Quinton Braswell, Isaac Brinberg, Robert Cody Foster, Scott Clements, Verena Wuesthoff, Thom Norman, Jim Pung

TwtrSymphony Engineers
Garry Boyle, Felipe Gonzalez, Angelina Faulkner

Symphonies and Orchestras
Who tweeted, supported and offered advice along the way
Regina Symphony, Phoenix Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, Pacific Symphony, Metropolitan Wind Symphony, Nashville Symphony, St Louis Symphony, Stow Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Jersey Symphony Orchestra, South Shore Symphony, Peoria Symphony Orchestra, Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra, Beaverton Symphony, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Wind Symphony, Bloomington Symphony, Brevard Symphony, Marin Symphony, Miami Symphony, Valley Symphony Orchestra, English Symphony Orchestra, Ars Flores Symphony, Quinte Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony, Camellia Symphony, Stockport Symphony, SLO Symphony, Adelaide Symphony, Canton Symphony, Cypress Philharmonic, Detroit Symphony, Britten Sinfonia

Please tweet "thank-you's" to these fine orchestras for their support of new music in a new way.
If you aren't following them, we recommend that too!


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