Call for Scores: Get your music reviewed

This Call for Scores is not so much a contest as a review of works by current composers. As a composer, I enjoy looking at the works of other composers, so I will be using this to learn about what other composers are doing as well as honing my music analysis skills. The other intent is to provide public exposure to works that have yet to be performed and yet are of a quality to warrant attention.

As the Internet can be a great source of disseminating information, the reviews of the best works will be posted here, with samples of the scores and music in order to give quality works a chance to be heard. Not all scores received will necessarily get a public review, as each review will be returned to the person submitting the score for approval. If the person submitting the score does not want their review posted on this blog, it will not be posted.


    To post reviews of quality scores to allow wider exposure to music which might otherwise be unknown to the general public.


  • Scores are to be submitted in PDF form to: Chip Michael
  • Links to mp3 files must accompany the scores. The mp3 files can be midi realisations, but midi files will not be accepted.
  • Programme notes and composers biography should be included, but not necessary.
  • Only one score per composers, please.


    Each score will be given a preliminary reviewed/critique direct to the person submitting the score. A rating of 1-5 stars will be given in each of the following categories:
    • Quality of Score - is the manuscript presentable and in a professional format
    • Quality of Concept - is the music appropriate for the instrumentation
    • Quality of Design - is the form of the piece clear and effective
    • Overall rating
    Comments will be given in each category as to the reason for the rating to assist the composure on re-writes or future edits.

    If the score receives an Overall rating of 4 or more, the person submitting the score will have the right to have the review, and portions of the score published on this blog for other readers. The complete score will NOT be made available, nor will access to the mp3 files, as the composer will retain full rights to their work.


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