Year in Review

This year has been very successful in terms of this blog. I've read a great deal from the internet, the library and beyond, listened to numerous artists I didn't know existed and revisited a number of works I previously enjoyed rekindling my enthusiasm for them and posted about much of what I've learned along the way.

News(86) and Opera(71) are my biggest topics, but since a lot of what I was writing about was news of the day, I'm not surprised that one tops the list. Opera is very near and dear to me, so again, not a surprise it came in at number two. Reviews(67) are kinda like news. Composition(65) came in number fourth; again no surprise as I am a composer, so of course composition would be a topic I return to often.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for me is the 7000+ readers so far this year, 1000+ of those in December. I'm averaging over 50 readers a day, with numerous days seeing over 100 visitors to the site - most of those from the US (also a good sign). So, in all a very good year. I learned lots, and hopefully so did many of you.

2009 is likely to be a year of significant change for me, as I hope to move back to the US, begin my Masters studies and get my first composition performed professionally (in the US). All of these and many more changes will be documented here as I learn and grow, discover, explore and experience the ever changing landscape of Classical Music.


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