Hatred over Religious "Race" Still a Problem 100 years later

Over 100 Years ago Gustav Mahler was lampooned and derided because he was Jewish. Even after he converted to Catholicism (he couldn't conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra without doing so), much of the public (including his own wife) felt he was Jewish. His mother was Jewish so Mahler was Jewish. This hatred of him as a composer and conductor kept him an outsider and was an endless obstacle in his career.

Well, 100 years later news reports that Barrack Obama is a Muslim. His father is a Muslim so he must be a Muslim (or at least born one). It's as if some genetic code was somehow passed from father to son (or in the case of Mahler, mother to son), which decides their religious leanings.

Science proves this isn't true. Christianity has long stood on the stance profession of faith is all that is required --believe in Me and you shall have everlasting life. So, when do we stop hating the "other" folks just because of who their parents were?

I try to not talk about politics on this blog. This should be about music. But music is about our society and it's difficult to discuss what's happening in our society without occasionally talking about politics.

The world is struggling in so many ways. If we can't get over a little issue that has time and again been proven to NOT exist, we'll never start tackling the real problems. You can disagree with someone's policies all you want but stop making who their parent are/were the reason you disagree with them.


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