Cliburn Piano contest has a Strong Asian Participation

Angela Brown of the Associated Press reported from Fort Worth, Texas, fifteen of the twenty-nine competitors are from Asian countries. There are six competitors from China, four from from Korea, three from Japan and two who have dual citizenship with the US (one from China and one from Japan). There was one more pianist from China, but had to withdrawal due to a hand injury. The contest which runs from Friday through June 7th.
"These countries have developed an uncanny affinity for this classical music from the West, and it has become an art form of great prestige. And they are incredibly hard workers and self-disciplined, which are necessary to become a concert pianist." - Richard Rodzinski, president and executive director of the Cliburn Foundation
The trend of Asian musician started in 2005 when organizers noticed 10 of the 35 competitors were from Asian countries. That year Joyce Yang was the second place winner.


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