Bridge of Waves by W.A. Matheiu a Journey to Re-Discover Music

A book for anyone who listens to music

Bridge of Waves is the latest book by W.A. Matheiu, written by a musician for anyone who listens. It is a journey in re-discovering music and the effects music has on us as humans.

While there are numerous books on the topic, ranging from everything about how the synapses of the brain fire while listening to music to the psychological responses of patients undergoing music therapy, Bridge of Waves is more a journey along the lines of Illusions by Richard Bach. Bridge of Waves isn't a story, but it does take the reader on a journey, exploring what music is and the effect it has on the world.

As an educated musician there are parts of the book where Matheiu is explaining the physics of music in laymen terms. Still, the way he describes them and the little exercises he has the reader explore are eye opening, as if looking out the window in your home and seeing the vista in a whole new light.

It's not a quick read, even though the language is easy to understand and the concepts are presented in such an intuitive way as if the writer and reader were walking on a beach rather than climbing a mountain. The stroll through the pages are delightful and illuminating coming to the conclusions for each chapter in surprising yet wholly obvious ways.

I found myself re-reading sections to re-explore elements of the music within the book. It is rather like listening to your favorite song (or symphony) and discovering new nuances you'd never heard before.

This book is for anyone who listens to music, to gain an appreciation for how very integral music is to our world, how it shapes not only how we think but how we perceive the world around us - how it is the world around us.


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