Deutsche Grammophon Releases All-New Box Set of Gustavo Dudamel Leading the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Includes Symphonies by Bruckner, Sibelius and Nielsen, Available September 13th

One of the many milestones in Gustavo Dudamel’s career was his appointment as Principal Conductor of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra on April 12, 2006, a position he assumed with the start of the 2007–08 season. Outside of Venezuela this was Dudamel’s first appointment and his first long-term collaboration with a single ensemble. The collaboration has produced many exciting concerts and elicited high praise from the press and public alike. To celebrate Deutsche Grammophon will release a 3-CD box set of live recordings which includes symphonies by Bruckner, Sibelius and Nielsen, available September 13th.

I listened to this album over the weekend. It was on my list of things to do, which typically means I'd get through it once while I was occupied with other things. Then my playlist would move on to other albums and I'd not notice. Boy was I wrong.

The CD captured my attention 2'38" into the first track, Feirlich, Misterioso from Bruckner's 5th Symphony, with the bold statement of the full orchestra. I love this symphony and have several recordings of it. How I missed the sumptuous opening horn is still a mystery. Dudamel captures the intensity of the music - the passion. The power of the orchestra reaches out and grabs you, then disappears to hide behind a veil of woodwinds. Pull back the veil and be caressed with the rich melody in strings and woodwinds. It's as if you're walking through the fairytale world of the German countryside.

Perhaps I should give a full review... but I'd rather sit back and listen to a wonderful recording where both the conductor and orchestra understand the intimacy of the music they play. They invite you into their world and you're so very glad they did.


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