World premieres by a lush and vibrant range of living American composers

NYC’s Avian Orchestra presents: Vegetative States

Five World Premieres of new music and video inspired by the world of botany in Greenville, Delaware (Sept. 24) and at The Cell in New York City (Sept. 26).

New York City’s Avian Orchestra ( returns this fall with a new program touching on the growth of vines, carnivorous plants, psychedelic gardens, and more. The concerts will feature world premieres by a lush and vibrant range of living American composers, including Bret Battey, Max Duykers, Peter Flint, and Jonathan Newman, as well as arrangements by Michael Gandolfi from his symphony The Garden of Cosmic Speculation. The orchestra will be performing against a backdrop of video created by composers Bret Battey and Peter Flint with collaborator Katie Flint.

Pre-show will include a audio/video installation piece by Peter Flint involving long term time lapse video of one of the last stands of old growth forest in Delaware.

The Avian Orchestra is: Ann Sterman, flute; Andrew Sterman, woodwinds; Cyrus Beroukhim, violin; Arash Amini, cello; Blair McMillen, piano; Chris Nappi, percussion; and Peter Flint, accordion

PERF. # 1:      Saturday, September 24, 8pm
VENUE:         The Barn @ Flint Woods, 205 Center Meeting Road, Greenville, Delaware

INFO:             Admission is $15.
PERF. # 2:    Monday, September 26, 8pm
VENUE:          The Cell, 338 W. 23rd Street, New York City

INFO:             Admission is $20.


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