Nick Vasallo to release new CD Momuments Emerge with Innova Recordings

Kick Starter Campaign started to help fund the project

Innova Recordings is planning on releasing a CD of my new works entitled Monuments Emerge (nearly 70 minutes of music composed between 2007 and 2011). This is not only a rare and wonderful opportunity for me but all the musicians involved as well. With the state of classical music today, not to mention new art music, this is not intended as a lucrative endeavor. This is purely from a let's get the music heard standpoint. Although Nick is a relatively unknown composer, this recording will help get his music to more listeners than he might otherwise reach.

Even a single dollar will help tremendously! Please consider being a part of this meaningful project.

Your contribution will not only nurture the growth of American New Music - which is an integral aspect for the progress of art, but it will also help promote the idea of cross pollination and the beauty which stems from combining different entities; a truly American ideal of a heterogeneous mixture melting into a harmonious whole. In Monuments Emerge, you will hear musical eclecticism - elements from modern art music combined with my love for taiko, metal, noise, post-rock, and math.

Listen to some excerpts from the album


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