Living in a digital world

I review a lot of Classical Music CD's - often before they are for sale to the general public. I get them via a special download link, listen to them (several times) and post reviews here on my blog

Over the last year, I've moved, which means I spent the last 9 months working from my laptop, rather than my desktop. Not a problem. When my desktop crashed, I didn't think twice about restoring it to factory defaults. All of my personal files were stored on an external drive (or so I thought).

Because I review so many CD's I generally don't have the time to go back and "enjoy" the previous CD's I've downloaded. - Well.... Nicola Benedetti is performing the Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 tonight with the Pacific Symphony. I reviewed her recording of the same concerto last year. I thought the recording was on the external drive - but alas it's not!

Her recording as well as many of the other amazing CD's I have enjoyed over the past few years are gone --the little '+' and '-' are gone, all the little 1's and 0's and just 0's.... *sigh*


minim said…
Oh golly, that's awful - I hate it when that happens. I've become backup-crazy since the last time. Anything digital I buy (software, music, books) or don't have a physical copy of - plus the final files of all my scores - I now upload to our Amazon S3 server. I think we pay about 8c a month... definitely seems worth it to me!
Robert Gable said…
Ack. I just switched online backup from Carbonite to CrashPlan so I could back up my external drive as well.
Chip Michael said…
While I must admit I'm gutted to have lost the music, I can't really complain.

1) it's my own fault
2) I didn't purchase the music in the first place - so I feel very fortunately to have heard it!

I do have a pretty serious back up system for my own music, my electronic files of compositions. But that's not something I can replace! (Not available on Amazon ... YET!)

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