Whim's Sickle Waltz - a macabre orchestral dance

I've decided to start posting some of my musical scores up here on the blog. For those that think I'm giving away the farm, posting costs me nothing and I doubt anyone is going to try and perform these works as they'd have to create their own parts. AND, if someone sees something they like and what's to talk to me about getting parts, I'm ahead of the game.

Whim’s Sickle Waltz is a delightful, if slightly macabre, romp through the world of someone who really loves his job –the grim reaper. The main theme is a waltz, but each episode takes it somewhere new and slightly off rhythm, as if death has a set rhythm to it.

Yet, even with the slight off nature of the music, there is a beauty. Does Whim find love in his dark waltz of death? Or is it just glimpses of beauty along his journey. Regardless of what he finds, there is always a return to the main theme and his waltzing through life (or death as the case may be).

I'd love to have a artist create some images to go along with the music, or perhaps create an animation to the music. Unfortunately, that is not my talent. So, here's the music with a score to follow along. IF, you belong to an orchestra and would like to perform this piece... find me on Twitter - ChipMichael.


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