CanU Twitter Opera???

For all you high-tech, in-touch, opera fans out there...

I have a host of blogs I read, but haven't yet made the leap to twitter (even though many of my fans say I ought take the plunge). However, there is a new contest that may be just what I need.

#Operaplot 2010 is a twitter contest run by Omniscient Mussel. The point is to twitter an opera in 140 characters or less. The above links gives the rules and guidelines - with a link to the prizes, which are tickets to operas from numerous opera houses around the world (that's right, everyone is playing this game!)

There isn't a lot of time left as the contest ends April 30th.

Here are some of the ones from last year:

* @leboyfriend – There was a young lady called Fricka Who . . . who . . . *snore* ‘Wake up — it’s over.’ It’s good, I just wish it were quicka. [The Ring]
* @wordsmusic – Here’s my castle. Are you afraid? No, I’m going to open all those damn doors! Are you afraid? No, let me in! Who’s that? Oh shit. [Bluebeard]
* @musicbizkid – Let me get this straight: unfathomable treasure if I betroth my loopy daughter to a ghost? Deal. She’ll meet you by the fjord. [The Flying Dutchman]
* @DrGeoduck – Who wants to live forever? Me! No, wait, i changed my mind. *dies* [The Makropolus Case]
* @voxdixit – Monk: Repent, courtesan! (Meditation) Courtesan: Okay! Monk: Wait, there is no God after all! Courtesan: Too late, I’m dead! [Thais]

Join in the fun and tweet your favorite opera today!


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