For those Young Composers out there - a Blog about Orchestration

I've often thought I'd like to write a series of posts about orchestration, with the idea of eventually putting these posts into a collection and publishing them. But then I look at my book shelf and realize I already have 8 books on orchestration, with countless others on composition related material. Who am I kidding trying to compare myself with Berlioz, Rachmaninoff, Kennan or Adler??? (Ok, unless you're an orchestration geek like me, those last two names may not be that familiar).

Still, there are lots of great books out there. PLUS, there are some great websites. Young Composers not only has a great forum for posting your music to get comments from other composers, but it has links to a variety of helpful resources regarding all sorts of compositional skills. has lessons in theory, arranging and more for beginners to professional. Dr. Brian Blood created music theory & history online which is one of the most complete theory references on the internet. has some theory lessons as well. All of these (and many more) are resources for budding composers.

However, I was introduced to yet another website/blog -, which hosts posts by Ben Newhouse on Contemporary Orchestration Techniques. I can't say as his posts are all that numerous as yet, but the information is straightforward and easy to understand. If you're just starting out as a composer and reading the highly technical manuals of advanced theory classes make your head swim, this might just be the sort of information you are looking for.

If you have a website that was not listed and think it should be, post and comment and let me know. Always glad to get the word out on resources for the would-be composer.


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