Tribeca New Music Festival - cutting Edge Music in New York

The New York Art Ensemble moves its Ninth Annual Tribeca New Music Festival, a 4-concert series of cutting-edge new music, to a new location, Merkin Concert Hall, 129 West 67th Street, NYC, with performances on June 5, 7, 8, 9, at 8PM. The Festival will highlight important trends and artists affecting today’s vibrant new music scene.
“Since our first Tribeca New Music Festival in 2001 we have a had a great run with our good friends at The Flea Theater. But, after two sold-out seasons in a row downtown, the New York Art Ensemble wants to reach more people and will present its four-concert series at the beautifully renovated Merkin Concert Hall near Lincoln Center,” said Festival curator Preston Stahly. “Concerts one and two will single out some brilliant newcomers making their presence felt including the JACK Quartet and the Ted Hearne Band, while concert three will feature the NYAE Monsters and concert four will highlight two of the most important female composer/performers on the American new music scene, Bora Yoon and Pamela Z, with video artist Luke DuBois. It’s going to be awesome.”

Concert #1
The JACK Quartet—music of Lisa Bielawa, David Crowell, Shawn Jaeger, Jeff Myers, Chris Rogerson, and Mick Rossi
Saturday, June 5 at 8 PM This concert presents one of the most important new contemporary groups, the JACK Quartet, performing works from an exciting collection of composers who are making an important mark in today’s new music arena.

Concert #2
NextGen—Andy Akiho, Timothy Andres, Leah Coloff, and the Ted Hearne Band
Monday, June 7 at 8PM Join us as we explore the work of four very unique emerging composers who are making an impact on the newest generation of young artists. The concert will move from cerebral peace into a raucous climax over the course of the evening.

Concert #3
Monsters!—music of Eve Beglarian, Victoria Bond, Douglas Cuomo, Philip Glass, Gregor Huebner, Preston Stahly and Scott Wheeler
Tuesday, June 8 at 8PM This will be an evening of fantasy, storytelling, and new music as the New York Art Ensemble Monsters (pianists Geoffrey Burleson and Kathleen Supové, and violinist Mary Rowell) are joined by composer/narrator Eve Beglarian and actor Oleg Dubson in a collection of new works written for these performing artists.

Concert #4
Bora Yoon and Pamela Z—with video artist Luke DuBois Wednesday, June 9 at 8PM Two of the most original composer/performers who have taken vocal improvisation, audio sampling, looping and sound design to a new artistic level are Pamela Z and Bora Yoon. They will be joined by celebrated video artist Luke DuBois as they draw from their vast repertoire of sounds, sights and experience to present a new evening of works for this final Tribeca New Music Festival concert.

The New York Art Ensemble, under Artistic and Executive Director Preston Stahly, believes that cutting-edge new music composed by living artists plays a vital role in the creativity, inspiration, and the very survival of our culture. Therefore, we present eclectic concerts that reflect the energy and diversity of America's contemporary musical environment and feature professional musicians of the highest caliber.

Our mission is to challenge, inspire, entertain, educate, and thereby connect the public to the best of new American music. Our vision is to re-invigorate the public's concert-going experience through a fresh and interactive approach to concert programming and through educational initiatives, which include workshops and an annual national young composers competition.


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