This is a funny world. As a composer I am constantly trying to get my stuff played. Beyond that I am trying to get the music published so other musicians who don't know me will want to play it. In a way I am also trying to make a living, so by publishing the music get some money in return.

But music publishing isn't the only form of publication in the music business. There is also the written word in journals, magazines and other various publications that print articles about music. I'd never thought of myself as one of those musicians (read: musicologist) because I'm a composer, not a writer.

However, as part of the educational process composers do occasionally write papers about other composers and their works.

You could say I am a writer as I have this blog. But lots of other composers have blogs, John Adams, Philip Glass, Nico Muhly and Greg Sandow to name just a few of the thousands writing the occasional comment about music. They also have their own websites (sometimes attached to their blog - sometimes not). There are also thousands of Facebook and Myspace pages of the famous and the not-so-famous composers all trying to eek out a name for themselves in the world of music. While these sights might also include samples of their music, they are primarily a place for you to read about the thoughts of these composers - get an idea as to what they think about music, their own and the music of others.

Some composers have made quite a name for themselves publishing their thoughts in journals and the like. Ferneyhough has a book of his various published writings. Babbitt has several books of his writings. These are prime sources for understanding the thoughts of these composers, more than just examining their music. While writing my paper about Elliott Carter I read numerous articles written by Carter for that very reason.

Well, the paper I wrote about Elliott Carter is getting published in the journal 21st-Century Music. While the link provided points to a blog, the publication is also a journal published monthly. I am not sure getting published means I have arrived (I still can not legitimately say I make my living by composing music). It does give me a sense of pride. My words, and not just my occasional ramblings on this blog, are worthy of publication. They will (hopefully) be read by other musicologist and may even be referenced in future papers/articles about Elliott Carter.

I am not sure what this article says about my own music. It is definitely my thoughts about Carter's music and I suppose that's something. For nothing else it feels good to be published.


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