Sony Classical Releases Jascha Heifetz - The Complete Collection

Contains 103 CDs - wins World Record for Largest Box Set of Classical Recordings by a Single Instrumentalist

Sony Classical is excited to announce the release of Jascha Heifetz – The Complete Album Collection available March 22, 2011. Acknowledged by Guinness World Records™ as “the greatest number of audio discs in a boxed set of classical recordings by a single instrumentalist,” this monumental collection includes 103 CDs. It features three hours of previously unreleased Heifetz recordings, plus the Heifetz in Performance DVD and a 260-page hardcover book with photos and discography.

Heifetz is a legend who set a standard of violin playing to which violinists around the world still aspire. Isaac Stern called his playing “the single most powerful violinistic influence in the twentieth century.” Itzhak Perlman says simply that Heifetz is the “God” of all violinists.

The incredible recorded legacy contained in this collection spans fifty-five years of Heifetz’s career: from his first recording session for Victor, just days after his triumphant 1917 Carnegie Hall debut, to his last public recital in October 1972. In between are decades of benchmark recordings and legendary collaborations with many of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century. Through them all, the Heifetz magic shines through: his unforgettable mixture of intensity and aristocracy grounded in impeccable technique, tonal purity, and rhythmic control, all of which he combined to create an absolutely unique sound.


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