Colorado Symphony Announces Positive Vote from Musicians

After additional negotiation this week with the Colorado Symphony Association (CSA), the musicians of the Colorado Symphony issued a vote to accept changes to the current contract. The changes constitute a total reduction in pay of $530,000. The contract concessions were requested to assist with balancing the FY12 operating budget.

Prior to receiving this positive vote from the players, several resignations from the Board of Trustees were received and several were tendered at the meeting for a total of 20 resignations. An overall sentiment of appreciation and love for the orchestra was shared by all of those who issued resignation, and several specifically encouraged the organization to “be bold, be brave, and be different.” The CSA extends heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the departing Board members for their dedication, commitment and generosity on behalf of the entire organization.

While approval of the FY12 budget is pending a more complete understanding of cash flow, the musician trustees spoke on behalf of their colleagues in the orchestra that they would play without pay this weekend and further, that the players intend to perform all concerts as scheduled. Members of the administrative staff have also contributed their salaries.

Due to the new Board of Trustees structure, several business items on the agenda were tabled until the next meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday, September 26, 2011.


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