Virtuoso's appear in all forms of music, not just Classical

Many of my friends are not classical music enthusiasts. They are very supportive of my career choice (crazy as they find it) and go to great lengths to critique each of my compositions. Still, when it comes to attending a concert, many would prefer to take in a contemporary "commercial" ensemble rather than join me at the symphony.

When I speak to them about classical music and the virtuosity involved by many of the performers, my friends often speak about the other virtuoso's in the world --people playing music that isn't "classical" but still displaying unbelievable skills. The other day, the following video was played for me and my jaw dropped. The music, the performance, everything about this short piece by the Sleepy Banjo Boys is virtuosic!

Fortunately enough, their skills have not gone unnoticed. Here they are on David Letterman earlier this year.

Watch out Mark O'Connor, one is a mean fiddle player, and Chris Thile, the youngest is outstanding on the banjo!


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